Eternal Horse

New album released through Darla

Following their first release on Darla, Eternal Horse is the ninth album of the Icelandic ambient rock band Stafrænn Hákon.
On Eternal Horse, Stafrænn Hákon move away from the DIY experimentald rony ambient and the lo-fi indie-rock sounds of their last albums, Prammi and Kælir Varðhund, and revisit the sound-spectrum of their previous Darla album, Sanitas (2010).

“When I listen to it, I see an odd collection of nomads sitting in a beat-up 20-year-old brown Volvo driving through the country. A blonde head sticks out the back window and the wind makes her hair dance” – ICELAND REVIEW

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Our album "Gummi" is 10 years old this year. Here is a track from that record we worked with the mighty Danish lads from Efterklang. There are some really nice soundscapes on this track with countless of layered guitars and a really cool spacey Cello played by Þórður Hermannsson. The original melody for this song was written by Samuel White who has contributed songs through most of the records we´ve done. Unfortunately Samuel seems to have retired from the music world (although he contributes every once in a while) and would rather accompany with his friend Olafur on ski trip these days.
It´s funny how this track has this kind of underlying post-rock layer but on top there is this sparkling acoustic electronica trying to find it´s way through. Almost like the song doesn´t know how to sound it self 🙂
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from the album Gummi

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Happy new year. Seems like after some extensive music making in second half of 2016 i think 2017 will bring out a new album. I´m seeing a double album with one being instrumental and latter being full on ambient pop songs with vocals? Sounds like an good idea? ... See MoreSee Less

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Stafrænn Hákon - Eternal Horse

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